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Commit 009868e2 authored by Carlo Ferrigno's avatar Carlo Ferrigno
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Add reference to astro gitlab token, used as env variable in requirements.txt

parent 196c339b
......@@ -132,7 +132,8 @@ function build() {
--job \
--from ${CC_BASE_IMAGE:?} \
--store-dockerfile /tmp/Dockerfile-auto \
--docker-run-prefix="mkdir -pv /home/oda; export HOME_OVERRRIDE=/home/oda; source /; " \
--extra-docker-commands='ARG ASTRO_GITLAB_PIP_TOKEN' \
--docker-run-prefix='mkdir -pv /home/oda; export HOME_OVERRRIDE=/home/oda; source /; ' \
--docker-command='id; export HOME_OVERRRIDE=/tmp; mkdir -pv $HOME_OVERRRIDE; source /; source /etc/bashrc; oda-kb-eval /repo/'$ROOT_NB' $@'
ls -ltr *cwl
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