Unverified Commit 5c223285 authored by Volodymyr SAVCHENKO's avatar Volodymyr SAVCHENKO
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corrected name for nb

parent d6e781e5
......@@ -437,8 +437,9 @@ function download-cwl() {
echo -e "\033[33mwill download"
curl -L --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $(cat ~/.gitlab-token)" \
"https://gitlab.astro.unige.ch/api/v4/projects/integral%2Fcc-workflows%2Fcc-${TEST_CASE_NAME}/jobs/artifacts/master/download?job=build" > artifacts.gz
unzip -o artifacts.gz ${TEST_CASE_NAME}.cwl
cp -fv ${TEST_CASE_NAME}.cwl job.cwl
unzip -o artifacts.gz $cwl
cp -fv $cwl job.cwl
echo -e "\033[32mfound job.cwl:"
ls -l job.cwl
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