Unverified Commit 70d7e5f1 authored by Volodymyr SAVCHENKO's avatar Volodymyr SAVCHENKO
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autocomplete and install

parent 02a777d0
......@@ -6,6 +6,14 @@ mkfile_path := $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
current_dir := $(notdir $(patsubst %/,%,$(dir $(mkfile_path))))
#current_version := $(shell cd $(current_dir); git describe --tags)
install -D -m 0755 -v make-functions.sh ${HOME}/.local/bin/cc-cli
install -D -m 0755 -v autocomplete.bash ${HOME}/.bash_completion.d/cc-cli.bash
install -D -m 0400 -v README.md ${HOME}/.local/share/doc/cc-cli.md
< $(HOME)/.bash_completion grep cc-cli.bash || echo 'source $$HOME/.bash_completion.d/cc-cli.bash' >> $(HOME)/.bash_completion
./actions.sh test-all
bash $(current_dir)/make-functions.sh $@
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