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# Common CI/CD routines re-used in [CC Workflows](
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| **See Also** | |
The workflows are mostly of INTEGRAL docker containers, which are [publicly available](
## Makefile:
......@@ -9,11 +13,29 @@ In general, for every "make XXX" there is an "XXX" bash function in [make-functi
- *build* build the container, if needed
### *build*
build the container image, if needed.
### *run-one*
runs notebook, using [oda evaluation](
needs access to [ODA KB](, uses the default ODA_SPARQL_ROOT=
benefits from access to ODA DataLake (minio) - not criticial hence TBD.
Workflow input parameters can be set as:
$ NBARGS_PYDICT='{"nscw":2}' make run-one
note taht NBARGS_PYDICT should be a valid python dictionary.
- *run-one* runs notebook, using [oda evaluation](
Use **nbinspect** to list notebook parameters.
## Repository configuraion: oda.yaml
## Workflow Repository configuraion: oda.yaml
useful modifications for each workflow repository is contained in oda.yaml.
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