Verified Commit cf5261b4 authored by Volodymyr SAVCHENKO's avatar Volodymyr SAVCHENKO
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assume CURRENT_IC from RBP

parent c2e42c3e
......@@ -8,7 +8,8 @@ COMMAND=$@
echo "OSA_VERSION == ${OSA_VERSION:=latest}"
echo "OSA_DOCKER_IMAGE == ${OSA_DOCKER_IMAGE:=integralsw/osa:${OSA_VERSION}}"
echo "OSA_DOCKER_PULL == \"${OSA_DOCKER_PULL:=yes}\""
[ "$OSA_DOCKER_PULL" == "yes" ] && {
[ "x$OSA_DOCKER_PULL" == "xyes" ] && {
echo "will update image (set OSA_DOCKER_PULL to anything but \"yes\" to stop this)"
docker pull $OSA_DOCKER_IMAGE
......@@ -16,7 +17,7 @@ echo "OSA_DOCKER_PULL == \"${OSA_DOCKER_PULL:=yes}\""
echo "."
echo "."
echo "REP_BASE_PROD: ${REP_BASE_PROD:?please set this variable to the current data location}"
echo "CURRENT_IC: ${CURRENT_IC:?please set this variable to the current IC location (could be REP_BASE_PROD, but we would not like to assume...)}"
echo "using WORKDIR: ${WORKDIR:=$PWD}"
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